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"getting love to flow


babies to grow"

Baby holding parent pinky finger

Meet Pauleen


"My aim, my goal, my passion...getting love to flow and babies to grow, by gently encouraging parents to find their way to breastfeeding beautifully"

  • A mother of two beautifully breastfed daughters and one beautifully breastfed granddaughter.

  • A passionate midwife for over 37 years. That's a whole lot of love flowing to thousands of mothers, Parents, caregivers and babies!

  • 15 years experience as a hospital Lactation Consultant  

  • She certified as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 2005. Recertifying in 2010 and 2015.

  • Pauleen works in Cape Town assisting mothers to breastfeed their newborns in Neonatal I.C.U units and Hospitals.

  • She works at a baby clinic ensuring baby's optimal growth, checking milestone development and introduction of solids into baby's diet.

  • Pauleen is "Call The Midwife" offering postnatal support to mothers in the comfort of their own homes.

  • She offers specialized breastfeeding assessment, baby weighing and mother and baby check up!  

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"Breastmilk is love turned into food"


Hospital Consultations & Home Visits 

90min R950.00

R1000 on public holidays 



Travel fees & overtime may be charged for clients who don't reside in the Southern Suburbs, Cape Town or for prolonged appointments 


Kindly pay EFT or cash on the day: Standard Bank Code:026209

Account number: 072920513

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Mother's Kiss

Home Visits 

In the comfort of your own home

Mother Breastfeeding Baby

Hospital Visits

Informative, Compassionate hospital support

Baby in Mother's Arms

I can help

*Basic Lactation support – Positioning and Attachment
* Damaged /sore nipples 
* Lip and Tongue ties
* Flat/inverted nipples
* Engorgement
* Undersupply
* Oversupply
* Mastitis/Blocked ducts
* Thrush in Lactation
* Nipple Vasospasm
* Use of and removal of Nipple Shields
* Sleepy babies
* Fussy feeders/breast refusal
* Twins
* Breast milk expression and Storage
* Breast implants/breast reduction
* Returning  to work
* Relactation
* Weaning support

* Babies  having issues with weight gain whilst breastfeeding (Failure to thrive)
* Reflux
* Premature babies
* Cleft lip and Palate.


Contact Pauleen on Whatsapp for home or hospital consultations

Weekend appointments available


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